Celebrating 50 years of opportunities...

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$1,000 Table Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. Please contact our Development Department at (440)-934-6007.

A message from President & CEO, Terry Davis...

The Opportunity to be Golden

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For 50 years, Our Lady of the Wayside has been honored.
Honored by the opportunity to roll up our sleeves along-side family members, volunteers and Board Members to do the next right thing for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Honored by the opportunity to work with public corporations, private companies, individual donors and governmental agencies to change the lives of the most vulnerable for the better.

Best of all, Wayside has been honored to have the opportunity to earn the trust, friendship and love that comes with caring for someone special.

2017 Marks our 50th year of serving individuals with developmental disabilities. Golden Anniversaries are typically a time to pause and reflect, but that's really not the Wayside way. Instead, we fortify ourselves with 50 years of exceptional experiences ... the weighty responsibilities we've shouldered ... the mentors and adversaries with whom we've been privileged to interact ... and the heartwarming outcomes we've witnessed ... and employ it in advancing our mission. We look at our 50th Anniversary as an opportunity to be golden -- to bring the very best to the children and adults we serve.

Of course, we'll be celebrating ... that's definitely the Wayside way! And we invite you to join us by sampling the sublime at Cleveland's Finest Hors D'Oeuvre Contest in February, partying at the barbeque of the year at Grapes and Ale in May, recognizing good works at our Starlight Guardian Humanitarian event in August, or running for the Wayside at the Labor of Love Run in September. We'll be celebrating on-line as well with stories from our 50 golden years -- and looping you in on all of the exciting progress the agency is making daily.

50 years, and it most certainly has been -- and continues to be -- an honor. We’re grateful for the opportunity and sincerely thank you for all you do for Our Lady of the Wayside.

Terry Davis
President & CEO