• We serve individuals and their families with enthusiasm and in the spirit of love and compassion.

  • We are dedicated to the well being and growth of our organization and its employees.

  • We are committed to continual improvement in all we do.


  • We are committed to providing superior services to the individuals we serve and their families.

  • We have a steadfast commitment to quality in all we do.

  • We practice stewardship through the wise and efficient use of our resources.


  • We recognize and uphold the dignity of every individual.

  • We believe in and value the human potential of all people.

  • We believe that empowering an individual enhances the quality of personal and community life.


  • We are committed to progressive approaches to serving individuals with disabilities.

  • We are dedicated to continual learning in our field.

  • We believe that providing an inspiring, creative, and imaginative environment is optimum for each individual's well being.


  • We are guided by the highest ethical conduct of trustees and staff.

  • We are accountable to the highest professional standards.

  • We believe open and honest communication is critical to our success.


  • We believe that building a network of relationships is important to the future growth of our organization.

  • We are committed to pursuing partnerships that allow us to better serve each individual.

  • We work with others in a spirit of cooperation and trust.